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Graduation | 4º Dan
Style | Shukokai, Kimura Shukokai
Club | CNG

Nuno Manuel Gonçalves Dias, better known by his friends as Nuno Dias, began the practice of karate in 1990 with 11 years old.

His first club was the Volunteer Fire Wall (BVP). At this time shared the passion of karate with football and played in Recreational and Sport Union of Tires (URDT). Two years later in late 1992 the karate section of the BVP come to an end, but the passion for the sport speak louder and Nuno Dias shortly after would join another club: The National Gymnastics Club (CNG).

With the entry in this institution karate began to be more than a hobby in the young athlete's life. First seminars and after the competitions meant that Nuno was interested more and more by Shukokai, one of the many styles of karate that exist in the world and that was practiced in CNG.

Months later he won his first medal to be classified third in kata (forms) in the National Championship of Karate Shukokai held in Vidigueira. Nuno was orange belt and competed in the final against seven black belts.

The future promises to be brighter for a small karateka of frail body and short stature.

From 1993 to 1996 Nuno Dias went up several times on the podium in the various tests in which he participated. In 1997 he was all styles senior national champion crowned at 18, the first year of junior. It was also this year that it would take a difficult decision to have to stop playing football to devote exclusively to karate. Shortly after he was selected for the European Karate Seniors championship held in Tenerife. This was his first appearance at international level. 

In 1998 in South Africa in the world championship, with the national team of karate Shukokai, Nuno Dias wrote a page in history to win two gold medals. One in kumite (team fighting) and the other in individual kumite in the -80kg category. The skinny body karateka had disappeared to make way for a high athletic toned body, the result of years of training in the sport. He was now one of the best karate fighters in the world in the style he practices.

Over the years, Nuno Dias has achieved excellent results for the Portuguese karate not only in shukokai, but also in all styles. With three fifth places in European Championships (EKF) in 2005, 2007 and 2010 and the silver medal gained in the most prestigious tournament in the world in 2008, the Paris Open, Nuno Dias is one of the best karatekas in the country. He continues to train to raise the name of Portugal trough out the world. He simple loves the sport, the art of karate. And as he says: "There are those who look for a whole life for something that really satisfies them, I was lucky I found karate ..."

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